BBQ And Grilling Gift Packages

BBQ And Grilling Gift Packages

When it comes to BBQ, grilling, and smoking “one” is never enough! For those occasions, we have these awesome gift packages. Buy them for friends and family, or maybe just for yourself (we won’t tell). Our gift packages offer a little bit of everything, including sauces, rubs, multipack samplers, and even apparel and other gear to keep the pitmaster in your life cooking, experimenting, and (most importantly) putting delicious meaty goodness on the table!

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Our BBQ Gift Package Picks

  1. Killer Hogs | The BBQ Sauce 3 Pack – They say that good things come in threes, and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth than with this gift pack. You get not one, not two, but three 16 oz bottles of Malcom’s championship-winning BBQ sauce. This sauce has been tested and is our gold standard when it comes to sauce. Sweet, tangy, with a little bite, basting your favorite BBQ cut in this tongue-slapping sauce is sure to please everyone at the table.
  2. Killer Hogs | “The Basics” Set– This may be our basic set, but there’s nothing basic about it. This pack includes (1) 16 oz. Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub, (1) 16 oz. Killer Hogs The AP Seasoning, and (1) 16 oz. Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce. We like to say that this is the trio that started it all. Get yours today and get a taste of what it’s like to be a champion!
    A collection of the Killer Hogs products that started it all.

    Killer Hogs – “The Basics” Set

  3. Killer Hogs | Sampler Gift Pack – This pack is for the pitmaster who wants to enjoy a little taste of everything. It includes the entire Killer Hogs sauce and rub lineup. With seasonings and sauces like these, the hardest part of dinner will be choosing which flavor to use before and after you throw your favorite cut in the grill or onto the smoker!
    For the pitmaster who wants to try a little of everything, our Killer Hogs Sampler Gift Pack.

    Killer Hogs Sampler Gift Pack

  4. Killer Hogs | Rub Pack – This pack is pretty cut and dry (dry rub, that is)! All of our flavor-packed rubs are in this gift pack. Enjoy 16 oz. of each popular
    All the Killer Hogs rubs in one pack

    Killer Hogs Rub Pack

    flavor, perfect for seasoning just about anything. We love it for beef, pork, and chicken, but encourage you to branch out. Try them with wild game, or other more exotic meats. These rubs are even awesome on your favorite veggies! Get yours today.
  5. Malcolm’s Essential Knife Collection – Every good chef and home cook needs an awesome set of knives. We sell these as separates, too. But if you’re serious about preparing your favorite BBQ and accouterments, get the whole set. They’re long-lasting, stain-free, and made of high-carbon steel. These bad boys are razor-sharp, easy to clean, and have an ergonomic handle and grip, perfect for processing large portions of meat, or slicing through the family brisket!

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