The Best Grilling Gifts For Dads

Grilling Gifts For Dads

Dad works hard. Doesn’t he deserve a reward for all of his trouble? Or maybe you ARE a dad and need a little something to make yourself feel good. Go ahead, we won’t tell. No matter if you’re shopping for a dad or are one, or just plan to be, we have an amazing selection of grilling gifts sure to please the pitmaster in your life.

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Our Picks For Dads

  1. Killer Hogs Adult & Piglet Apron Set – Aren’t dad’s great? They teach you how to tie your shoes, ride a bike, and now how to cook! This adorable adult and child apron set is perfect for getting the kids involved and interested in food. This apron is great for bonding time and at keeping kids mess-free while they get their hands dirty during their time as pitmaster-in-training!
  2. How To BBQ Right | “Hand Savers” Glove Liner – If you’ve ever wondered how Malcom makes
    White, cotton gloves worn under latex gloves for handling hot foods and working on hot smokers and grills

    “Hand Savers” Glove Liner

    handling freshly smoked and grilled meat look easy, look no further! These glove liners are designed to be worn beneath your favorite nitrile gloves, providing the ultimate heat protection while still giving you the use of all of your fingers! These are useful even if you’re not grilling. Did we mention they make you look like a pro?
  3. Killer Hogs | The Big Dill – We don’t know if you’ve heard, but being a pitmaster and a dad is kind of a big DILL. A true grill enthusiast knows that the sides are just as important as the main dish. These delicious dilly cucumbers are the perfect way to help dad get pickled while keeping it family-friendly. Try our other pickles in sweet and spicy flavors!
  4. Killer Hogs American Hog Hat – There’s nothing quite as American as BBQ in the summertime (or any other time of year for that matter). Help dad show his piggy patriotism with our comfortable American Hog hat. It’s an adjustable snapback with a breathable mesh back. Keep dad comfortable and ready to cook!
  5. BBQ Rubs – Excellent seasoning is the real difference between restaurant chefs and home cooks. Luckily, we have a whole line of amazing BBQ rubs and seasonings for just about any kind of protein you can imagine. Mix and match with different sauces and smoke to help dad create delectable BBQ creations. All of our rubs go great on meat and vegetables.
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