What You Need For Cooking Wings

What You Need for Cooking Wings

Did you know that Americans consume DOUBLE the amount of poultry like chicken and turkey than any other protein? That’s a lot of chicken wings, breasts, thighs, and legs. But who could blame us? Chicken is delicious. It’s the protein to which every other “white meat” is compared. It can be cooked using just about any method imaginable and tastes just as good at breakfast time as it does at dinner time. When it comes to eating with our hands, our minds immediately jump to chicken wings. Crispy when deep-fried, charred, and perfect when they’re grilled, and fall-apart tender when they’re smoked, you’d be hard-pressed to find a less delicious, inexpensive meat. Here are our best (wing) tips.

Pickin’ Chicken Wings

Believe it or not, not all chicken is created equal. When you’re picking chicken wings, you want to look for meat that is pink and bouncy. Pale-looking chicken wings have likely been frozen a few times before being sold. Another good indicator of a previously frozen chicken wing is whether or not the flesh has pockets of blood in it or not. If you find it—those wings have likely been frozen. That’s not to say that a frozen chicken wing is in all ways inferior to a fresh one. Especially if you’re feeding a crowd, you’ll likely want to purchase frozen wings to make sure you have enough. However, if you decide to go with fresh ones, look for whole wings. Not only will you get more for your buck, but you can either smoke or grill them whole wing, tips and all, or you can separate them into wings and flats simply by taking a knife to the joint.

Some Of Our Top Recipes For Chicken Wings

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