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One could say that I have a slight problem when it comes to collecting BBQ Pits, but I really do love them all! Here’s a quick tour of my cooking area at home where we shoot our videos for How to BBQ Right.

It’s not the fanciest outdoor cooking space; but it works pretty well for what I do. It also keeps my pits out of the weather which is crucial in extending the life of any grill or pit. If you don’t have a covered area to protect your smoker from the elements, at least get a tarp or grill cover to shield them. This simple tip will keep you smoking for a long time.

Malcom Reed
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  1. Mr. Reed,
    Thank you very much for all your advise, videos and great recipes. I watch them all the time and use them as well. you have made me the Pitt master of my neighborhood. No comps. for my leave it to the pros like you.

  2. I finally found killer hogs rub, up here in Brandon Manitoba Canada,,, wow it sure tastes good,, cannot wait to try it, love watching ur vids on you tube, very helpfull, I currently run a Rec Tec 680

  3. Mr. Reed, I am a beginner at smoking. I am retired and I want to learn how to smoke meat. I brought a Camp Chef 18 inch smoke vault in June 2018. It seems the best for me at this time. I have been reading and watching videos on BBQ. I have tried many recipes of pros like you. But you are the best in my opinion. You make BBQing, grilling and smoking simple for a beginner like me. Thank you for teaching me the basics. Continue to be the best you can be.

    Edward Williamson

  4. Hi Mr Reed
    Your videos have taught me a lot so thank you!

    I wanted to ask if you leave the fat on the Boston butts or if you trim them off before putting them on the grill. And if you leave it on, do you put the fat side face down or face up on the grill.

    The first time I left the fat on and put it face down and it turned out well. I read that some people trim the fat off so that they can add more spices directly to the meat. I tried that method tonight, but I noticed that It fell apart and that was there was more juice surrounding the butt, with in the foil with this method (both cooked directly on grill at 250 degrees till internal temp of 130 and then foiled til 200 degrees

    Thank you so much!

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  5. I just found a couple of your youtube videos and love them! I was wondering if any of your smoker videos could be used with an electric smoker? I have a CharBroil one i would like to try some of your recipes on!

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      1. Malcolm – in the last week, I have listened to all of your podcasts and watched multiple videos. I’m sure there are a few of us out here that would appreciate some “electric” guidance. I understand it’s not your first choice, but do you have any suggestions for modifying your recipe instructions to work with this method?

        Regardless, I am a new fan and want to thank you for sharing your passion.

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    2. I just received my electric Masterbuilt on 10/16/18 and had the same question. The videos on here are awesome and I am hoping they will work on the electric smoker.

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  6. aloha Malcom , love all your recipes i was wondering what your thoughts on green mountain grills im looking at the daniel boone smoker . i have a masterbuilt but i just cant hold the temps on it plus it only goes to 275 temp .

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  7. Have you ever cooked on a Chargriller akorn? its another ceramic grill for a little over $300, it works awesome. Also i love your videos and they are very informative.

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