Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts For Men

People think that Santa comes down the chimney for efficiency, but he’s actually just a BBQ enthusiast who loves smokey heat! In fact, a lot of his favorite Christmas gifts come straight out of our shop. From heavy-duty apparel to sauces and rubs that’ll make Christmas dinner even more delicious and memorable, we have a variety of fantastic gifts for the men in your life that’ll help them BBQ Right!

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Our Christmas Gift Picks

  1. Killer Hogs | The BBQ Rub (5lb. Competition Bulk) – This award-winning BBQ rub is the
    The BBQ Rub 5 lbs for Best Christmas Gifts for Men.

    Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub 5lb. Competition Bulk

    Christmas gift of championship pitmasters. Packed with smokey, sweet heat with ingredients we’ve measured to cooking perfection, this big, 5lb bag of BBQ rub will disappear faster than you can say “Ho ho ho!”
  2. Killer Hogs | T-Shirt | Gray – True BBQ fans wear their pride loud and proud. This comfortable heather gray t-shirt is perfect for the man in your life who wants to represent his favorite food and his favorite brand all at the same time. Double-stitched for durability and available in a wide variety of sizes, it’s made to fit just right.
  3. Killer Hogs | The BBQ Sauce – Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight knowing that dad is cooking a delicious BBQ feast and using our Killer Hog’s championship BBQ sauce. Sweet, tangy, and spiced just right, this sauce is perfect for slathering and you absolutely can’t beat the glossy shine it adds to your favorite cuts.
  4. How To BBQ Right | 10” Chef’s Knife – If the man in your life is a true food enthusiast, it’s
    How to BBQ right grill gloves.

    HowToBBQRight High Heat Grill Gloves

    important that he have the right tools. Every kitchen should have a durable, well-balanced chef’s knife. This 10” blade is great for all things cooking. It slices through meat and veggies with ease, is stain-free, and is fitted with a comfortable non-slip grip to make long prep sessions a pain-free breeze.
  5. How To BBQ Right | Grill Gloves – Have you ever wondered why Santa wears those thick black gloves? It’s because working around chimneys can get pretty warm! While we don’t have his brand of special elf-magic, these gloves are extremely heat resistant and include non-slip silicone so you can be sure that your guy has a firm grip on the tongs, tray, and BBQ!

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