Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Smoker

The Big Green Egg is a ceramic cooker that can be used for a smoker or a grill. These types of ceramic smokers are very versatile and efficient.

One big PRO of the BGE is it’s simple design. It’s easy to build a fire, hold temps and maintain your smoker.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg does come with accessories that can be added – like the diffuser plate for slow-smoking. And there are other brands of ceramic cookers out there to consider as well, such as the Primo smoker.

These cookers are ceramic – which allows them to hold the temps really well, but can make them difficult to move around. If you are looking for a grill you can take to contests or move, this isn’t the ideal option. But if you are looking for a grill to leave on your patio – these ceramic cookers are perfect backyard grills.

BGE grills are easy to maintain and are built really well. Once you learn how to control your air flow with the bottom vent and the top daisy wheel vent, you can maintain steady temps and product some great barbecue.

I run lump charcoal in my BGE and I get really long burn times. The BGE doesn’t burn through charcoal like typical grills. In fact, I can typically get multiple long cooks off one bag of charcoal because these grills are so efficient.

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  1. Hi Malcolm, I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I’m trying to decide between buying a Yoder YS640 and a BGE. I already own a MAK 1 pellet grill, but feel like it’s not versatile enough. I notice that you do a lot of cooking on your BGE, so I was wondering which one you think would be a more useful addition to the MAK. Also, would the charcoal make the meat taste different than the pellet grill would? Thanks so much in advance.

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      If you already have a pellet grill, I might add a ceramic grill instead of adding another pellet cooker. You can get a deeper grill flavor with the ceramic cookers.

  2. I noticed on one of your videos that you used what appeared to be a tomato cage to hold the charcoal in the center. Does this help with indirect cooking? Thanks.

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  3. Hey Malcom…just found your YouTube videos as I’m getting into grilling and BBQ/smoking…have really enjoyed your videos…the directions and recipes are awesome! Looking to buy a BGE…what size do you use? Thanks for all your videos and help!

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