Memphis Wood Fired Grill

Memphis Wood Fired Grill

The Memphis Wood Fire Grill is the top of the line pellet smoker. It’s all stainless steel with great lines – the fit and finish on it is like no other. I call it the sports car of grills because it looks like a sports car of grills!

If you have the budget and want a seriously tricked out pit for your patio, the Memphis Grills is one you need to learn more about.

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The Memphis Grill offers you four separate cooking techniques—grilling, searing, low ‘n’ slow smoking, and convection baking— so you get a lot of versatility. Plus the capacity is more than any other pellet smoker I’ve seen… you could probably cook 4 whole packer briskets on this pit!

And the control panel on the Memphis Grills is top-of-the-line (like you would expect on a pit this well-made). The technology is state-of-the-art and the design is slick. Plus you have WiFi capability so you can completely control this pit from an app on your phone.

The Memphis Grill has what they call, “The Intelligent Temperature Control™ technology” – so you can probe your meat and monitor it while you control your temps – all from your phone. It would be hard to mess some meat up on this pit…

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Fire Up A Memphis Wood Fired Grill

The Memphis Grills were designed and engineered with versatility in mind, allowing users to smoke at temperatures as low as 180°F, bake from 300°F, and sear on high heat using both indirect heat or direct heat over an open flame.

With both searing methods you will get that high-end steakhouse result, but it all has to do with preference.

How To Clean a Memphis Wood Fired Grill

With a little regular cleaning the Memphis Grill will last a long time – and make sure everything coming off the pit tastes the best it can.

Use the included grate tool to scrape off baked-on residue after each use. Easily scrape off grease residue from the deflector shield and clean out the ash from the fire pot. Access the drip pans from the bottom cabinet; just toss them in the trash and replace with fresh aluminum pans.

Hit the outside with stainless steel cleaning wipes and you’re ready to grill. The whole process only takes about 15 minutes.

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