What You Need for Cooking Steak

What You Need for Cooking Steak

Steak is on our table more often than not and for good reason: It’s delicious. High in iron and heavy on the flavor, it’s a protein that never fails to please friends and family. It’s wildly versatile but is easy to overcook or under-season. Luckily for you, Malcolm is a professional and is particularly passionate about selecting and cooking all kinds of steaks. Check out these sizzling tips for cooking your next beefy bite!

Picking Your Next Steak

When it comes to selecting a steak, it’s all about the cut. Even the highest quality meat will be tough and gristly if there’s a ton of connective tissue woven throughout the meat. It’s important to note that we mean actual connective tissue, not fat. Fat gets melty, crispy, charred, and delicious when you cook it. Connective tissue looks like fat, but will just make for a tough, unpleasant experience if you’re grilling. If you plan on smoking your meat or cooking steak with some other low and slow method, then that connective tissue will break down, but make sure that you’re choosing the right cut for the right application! At How To BBQ Right, we love everything from porterhouses to strip steaks but know that you’d treat each cut differently. You wouldn’t serve a filet mignon the same way you would a flank steak. A good piece of steak will be that seductive red/purple color, won’t have any major odors, and shouldn’t be slimy.

Some Of Our Top Recipes For Steak

A grill or a smoker and steak are practically best friends, and we have many amazing recipes for you to try! Check out a couple of our favorites. More Beef Recipes

Our Tools

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