What You Need for Cooking Brisket

What You Need for Cooking Brisket

If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know that brisket is king when it comes to smoked meat. Pitmasters all across the state are really protective of their secret recipes. In our opinion, brisket is for sharing and eating. Fatty, built for a crowd, and dripping with flavor, our mouths are literally watering just writing about it! When it comes to cooking brisket, there are a couple of helpful tips that will ensure you get the recognition you deserve when the meat comes to the table.

Selecting Your Brisket

When you’re at the grocery store, there are a few things you should consider when picking out your brisket. The first thing to look for is a good fat to meat ratio. Fat is always flavor and brisket that has a good fatty layer will not only be tastier but much more sumptuous than a piece that’s missing this essential element. And don’t be shy about it. Pick a piece of meat that has a good quarter to a third of an inch thick fat cap on it. Trust us, you won’t regret this later. The next important item on your list is to pick a heavier piece of meat. You want to select a piece of meat that’s roughly 8-10 lbs, especially if you’re feeding a crowd. Furthermore, this is about the maximum size most home smokers can handle. So unless you have two smokers or have plans for the meat later, this is about as large as you want to get. It’s also a good idea to give the meat a little bit of a bend in your hands while it still in its packaging. You want the meat to give just a little without feeling super slimy beneath the plastic. This is a good indication that the meat is fresh.

Some Of Our Top Recipes For Brisket

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