Grilled Corn Recipe

This is a summertime favorite around my house. If I’m grilling, we are usually throwing some corn on there too.

I’ve tried grilled corn a lot of different ways, but the method I found that produces the best grilled corn is to boil it a little before hand.

I take a stock pot, fill it with cold water and add 3TBS sugar and a good pinch of salt. Then I drop my corn in and turn it on. Once it hits a boil, I turn it off and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Then I pull my corn out, let it dry for a second and then baste it with a little butter before it hits the grill.

Turn it often, you want to see a little char on the outside – but it’s already par-boiled so it doesn’t take long. Once I get the color I’m looking for, I pull it off and hit the corn with cracked sea salt and extra butter once it’s done and you’re ready for dinner.

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