How to Cook Beer Bath Bratwurst on the Grill

At BBQ contests we are always cooking something… even on Friday nights. This past weekend at Variety Club, we cooked some brats in a beer bath, grilled them off to give that great color and flavor and then served them to a few quests. I even cut some onions and peppers and simmered them on the grill too… Watch the video and get my super easy and really fast recipe for grilling brats. (This is a great recipe for tailgating too). I also have a glaze recipe that is killer for brats. It’s my Spicy Honey Mustard Glaze and you can get that recipe HERE. (On my GrillingWithRich guest post). Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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3 responses to “How to Cook Beer Bath Bratwurst on the Grill”

  1. robert goble says:

    do you sell recipe books ?

  2. William Hawley, Sr. says:

    I want to grill brats on my gas grill without the beer bath. I’ve tried some and the casing was so tough we couldn’t chew them. How to I grill the brats so they have a tender casing?

    By the way I did your steakhouse pork chops and they were fantastic – I fed about 15 people and they said the chops were the best they every had – I used my Grillgrates.

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