smoked corn beef and cabbage

Smoked Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe

Corn Beef & Cabbage is a traditional meal served on St. Partick’s Day in the U.S. And most times when you see this dish, the beef has been boiled or simmered. Corn beef can also be turned into Pastrami but it needs to be soaked in water for 24 hours prior to smoking. If you want Pastrami, I have a recipe for it here >> This year I’m adding my spin to it and preparing it on the smoker. Corn Beef actually doesn’t have anything to do with “corn”. The term comes from the type of salt used in the brining process. These salt grains are as big as a piece of corn hence the name “corned beef”. Brisket is the typical cut of beef used for this method. It can be either the flat or point end. I choose the flat portion because it’s more uniform in size and makes for better slicing. Here’s the recipe for my Smoked Corn Beef and Cabbage: Remove the corn beef brisket from the packaging and rinse under cool water to remove any brine on the surface and pat dry. Corned Beef about to hit the smoker Season the outside with Salt, Black Pepper, & Garlic on all sides. Let this mixture work on the corn beef for 30 minutes while the smoker is coming up to temperature. I set my Yoder for 250 degrees running pecan pellets. Once the cooker is up to temp, center the corn beef brisket on the lower cooking grate and smoke for 2 hours. After the corn beef has smoked for 2 hours, place it in a large pan and add 32oz water. The water should come up ¾ of the way on the corn beef so adjust the amount as necessary. It doesn’t need to be completely submerged because you want the seasoning on the top of the brisket to stay in tact. Water will draw out some of the salty brine in the meat and the steam will make the corn beef tender. Place a meat probe into the brisket, so internal temperature can be monitored and cover the pan with aluminum foil. Bump the heat up to 300 degrees for the remainder of the cook. Continue cooking until the internal is 175 degrees about 1 1/2 hours. At this point add the vegetables: Quartered potatoes, quartered onions, and whole baby carrots. Cover the pan again and continue cooking until the final temperature of 195 degrees is reached about 1 ½ hrs. Probe the corn beef with an instant read thermometer. You should feel very little resistance; also the vegetables should be fork tender. Allow the corn beef to cool about 15 minutes on cutting board before slicing. For the whole cabbage: Use a sharp knife to remove the core in a wedge shape pattern. Season the inside of the cabbage head with a good dose of Salt, Black Pepper, & Garlic Powder. Cut ½ stick of butter into 3 pieces and place into the cored out area. Drizzle a little Worcestershire Sauce over the butter allowing it to run throughout the cabbage. Replace the section of core to cap off the end. Wrap the cabbage with aluminum foil but leave the top exposed, so it can absorb smoke. Place the cabbage on the smoker at 250 degrees with pecan smoke for 1 ½ hrs then cover the top with more aluminum foil. Continue cooking for 1 ½ hrs or until the cabbage is tender. Serve the cabbage in quarters with sliced corn beef. Taking this recipe to the smoker was worth it. The cabbage alone was outstanding. And smoking the corned beef was a lot better than boiling it or simmering it on the stove. If your looking for something to smoke on St. Patrick’s Day, this is a recipe worth trying. Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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10 responses to “Smoked Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe”

  1. Paul Weisblatt says:

    I have tried to print your smoked cabbage and your lamb ribs recipes. I can’t get either one to print. Do you have a different location I can go to .

  2. Larry W. Hamilton says:


  3. Larry W. Hamilton says:

    I follow Malcom on Youtube!!!

  4. Brian says:

    Made this for St Patrick’s Day dinner. Huge hit. Everything came out perfect. Smoked a flat and point cut – both were super tender and flavorful. Served with 4 different mustards – Bavarian was amazing. Must try. Malcom you are the man!

  5. Matt Bromelkamp says:

    Do you have a brine recipe for making corned beef you like? A video showing the process from raw brisket flat to corned beef to pastrami would be awesome!

    Love the videos! Keep them coming!

  6. Joe says:

    This is the best ever,I made it in March for St. Patrick’s day making again tomorrow August 19th just because I cant wait til next March , it is that good …correction Great! Thank you Malcom

  7. SJG says:

    Shouldn’t the recipe be called ‘Corned Beef’ and not ‘Corn Beef’?

  8. Kathryn Rose says:

    Is there a printer friendly version of this? Thanks

  9. Bob Wolfe says:

    Also used my Yoder 640, fantastic! I didn’t have Worcestershire sauce but made the cabbage any way. Still good, lm making this again just to make ruebans, this time I have the Worcestershire for the cabbage. Thanks for sharing your recipe

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