Cold Smoked Cheese Recipe

There is something I look forward to every year when the temps start to drop… and that is cold smoking cheese. Because we live in the south, we have limited times we can do it down here because if it’s warm outside – your cheese can melt. Cold smoking cheese is really, really easy. The only thing you’ve got to do is be able to produce a nice, light smoke without melting your cheese. You can cold smoke cheese in pretty much any smoker or grill. And you can use a few coals or wood chips for your smoke… but with this cheese I used a new product called the A-Maze-N-Tube. You can check it out here >> amazetube This allows me to have a nice, slow smoke without generating much heat. But a word to the wise… the smoke you are producing in your smoker does still carry some heat – and it doesn’t matter if you are using a smoke tube or charcoal… So you have to watch it closely. It’s always a good idea to divert that heat the smoke produces by using some type of shield. You can use a deflector plate, foil or you can get a metal pan and fill it with ice. Once you get the smoke rolling, all you need to do is place your room-temp cheese on the smoker and let it hang out in the smokey environment for 3 – 4 hours. After that you just bring it inside. IMG_7170 Now comes the hard part… To get the most flavor from your smoked cheese, you need to wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in your fridge for 7 days. This will get you the most evenly distributed and most amazing smoke flavor in your cheese. But once the 7 days is up, it’s on! And there is nothing like smoked cheese you’ve done yourself at home. Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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  1. Dan Teeter says:

    Hi Malcolm. My name is Dan Teeter, from Upstate NY. First of all, I LOVE the website, and your recipes! But, I have a question. In this recipe you say to smoke the cheese for 3 to 4 hours. In an earlier post you did about smoking cheese (2012) you say about 2 hours max. Which is better? Thanks!

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