smoked party wings

Smoked Party Wings Recipe

Smoked Party Wings Recipe

What Tailgate Party doesn’t need a huge tray of hot wings? This recipe is always a crowd pleaser and it’s easy to make a ton of these wings for game day. We’re skipping the hot oil and firing up the smoker! I’m using Party Wings for this recipe; these are frozen wings you can find at any grocery store. They typically come in a bag containing the 1st and 2nd wing portions (drummy and flat). They’ll need at least 24 hours to slow thaw in the fridge. I have thawed them in water in a pinch but it’s not recommended. Smoked Party Wings Once the wings have thawed, they go into a large zip top bag. In a large mixing bowl add 2 cups of your favorite Hot Sauce, 1 bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing, ½ cup Soy Sauce, and ½ cup Worcestershire Sauce. Mix these ingredients and pour into the bag with the wings. Squeeze as much air out as possible and toss the wings around so the marinade covers everything. Place the bag of wings in a cooler on ice. It helps if you have a layer of ice on bottom and a large pan on top just in case the bag leaks. Let the wings marinate for at least 3-4 hours but overnight won’t hurt. Smoked Party Wings The folks at Ole Hickory Pits sent me one of their new wing racks to try out; it makes cooking a load of wings simple. Just take the wings out of the marinade, let the excess marinade drip off, and arrange them on the rack. If you don’t have a rack that’s ok too, just lay them on a platter or flat pan. Smoked Party Wings Season each side with a light dose of Killer Hog’s AP Rub then a light dust of Killer Hog’s The BBQ Rub. If you have a personal favorite go ahead and use it.

I’m running these wings on my Ole Hickory Ace MM Smoker.

Once the pit is up and running at 275⁰, it’s ready for the wings. Throw a chunk of Cherry and Hickory wood on the hot coals and place the wings in the cooker. You can use any smoker or grill, just maintain your temp in the 275 range for the entire cook. smoked party wings After the wings have smoked for 1 hour, it’s time to take a look at them. I want to see a reddish- caramelized color. Go ahead and flip the wings over at this stage and hit them with a little extra rub so they cook even. They’ll need another 30 minutes to an hour to finish cooking. If you’re not sure you can always stick them with a meat thermometer. The ThermoPop will give you a quick reading even in a small piece of meat like a wing. The Internal Temperature needs to hit 165 at least, but it won’t hurt to overshoot it a little bit. Wings are pretty forgiving, and I’ve found that slightly over makes for a softer wing anyway. “They’ll slide right off the bone in one bite” smoked party wings At this point the wings are done and ready to serve. You can toss them in any sauce you like. When cooking for a crowd, it’s always a good idea to have some choices. For these I’m sticking with a traditional smoked wing the only thing I’m adding is a touch of Killer Hog’s Hot Rub right on the platter. smoked party wings You’ll want plenty of Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch (Chelle’s favorite), and I always cut up some celery or carrots to keep the doctors happy! Hope you give this recipe a try at your next football gathering. Blue Cheese Dressing for Smoked Wings Blue Cheese Dressing – 1 cup Mayo – ½ cup Sour Cream – 4oz Crumbled Blue Cheese – 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice – Killer Hogs AP Rub to taste Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. Print
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Smoked Party Wings Recipe



  1. Slow thaw the wings in the refrigerator for 24hrs.
  2. Combine the Hot Sauce, Italian Dressing, Worcestershire, & Soy Sauce in a mixing bowl.
  3. Place the wings in a large zip top bag and pour the marinade over the wings.
  4. Close the bag squeezing as much air out as possible. Place in a cooler on ice for at least 3-4 hrs or overnight.
  5. Prepare a smoker or grill for indirect cooking. Temperature needs to be 275⁰ use hickory and cherry wood for smoke flavor.
  6. Drain the wings and arrange on a cooking rack.
  7. Season each side with AP Rub and The BBQ Rub.
  8. Place the wings on the smoker and cook until internal temperature reaches a minimum of 165⁰ turning once half way through. Total cook time should be about 1 ½ -2 hours.
  9. Arrange the wings on a platter and serve with a light dusting of Killer Hogs Hot Rub, Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing and Celery Sticks.
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74 responses to “Smoked Party Wings Recipe”

  1. Ken Klish says:

    Did the ribs twice AWESSSSSSOME

    Doing the Smoked wings for a little family gathering tomorrow

    Gonna use ur recipe Can’t wait I’ll get back to you

  2. Ben says:

    Did wings for the first time on my WSM and they kicked butt!! I did not use the hot sauce since young kids were going to have these.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Jerry Huffman says:

    I would like to get your news letter

  4. Kurt Schmitz says:

    I combined this recipe with the Firecracker Glaze from the Firecracker Chicken recipe. Simply amazing! I just waited until the wings were done and then glazed them and waited another 10 minutes to pull them off. Using a Traeger Tailgater model Pellet fed smoker.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      that sounds so good – I use the firecracker sauce on wings and they are some of my faves.

      • Jimmy Rogers says:

        Malcom want to thank you for your help with your great recipes!! Made your party chicken wings tonight on my yoder 640 they came out beautiful!! My family and I want to say thanks for the great food you are sharing with us!!

  5. Kevin Cervenka says:

    Put the wings on at 275 just as the recipe suggested. Smoked at 275 for one hour. Opened my smoker and all wings were charred black. Maybe my high dollar thermometer is off for the first time ever. Time to go to Sonic and get a burger.

    • Malcom Reed says:

      Man, you had to be cooking hotter than 275. Did you check the grill grate temp – and not just the grill temp?
      It had to be upwards of 350 on your grate temp to burn wings in a hour.
      And I would always suggest checking on what you are cooking at least half-way through.

  6. Rick Trier says:

    I have made these wings about 5 times making 10 lbs ever time I make them.

    I cook them on my cookshack SM045 at 250 degrees until reaching 160 degrees. Then put them in packages of 12 and 24 using my food saver and freeze.

    Once I want wings I thaw them out and either flash fry for one min or bake for 25 minutes in the oven.

    These are the best , thanks for sharing

  7. William Moss SR says:

    They look great. Have you ever smoked Turkey wings? If you have how about a recipe for that? I’ve been making all kinds of your recipes and all of them have turned out great. I smoke in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker so I don’t get the charcoal flavor but the wood chips give great flavor. Thank you for having your videos

  8. Anderson Khochaiche says:

    I just got home from being OTR and was happy to arrive to my order of Killer Hogs Competition Pack. Driving a rig, good food don’t come easy. So I couldn’t wait to start grilling. I tend to mix my own rub but like all backyard grill enthusiast I like to peek over the fence every now and then. As I was preparing the marinade, I was short quarter cup my favorite hot sauce. I guess my wife had ordered pizza for the kids and they got to the hot sauce. One time they seen me add hot sauce to pizza and it stuck, now the whole family does it. Your rub was amazing on these wings. I mean the whole recipe was right on point. No Muss, No Fuss. This is the third recipe of yours that I try and you sir do not disappoint.

  9. Mike says:

    Just made these tonight for dinner and everyone agreed they were the best they’ve ever had!

  10. Blake Williams says:

    I have tried several of your recipes. They are always great. Just recieved my all purpose and BBQ rub. I am currently using a Green Mountain Grill for smoking and Weber gas grill for grilling. Any suggestions for the Holland Grill?

  11. JCH says:

    2 cups of hot sauce destroyed ur marinade. I guess if ‘hot’ wings is all ur going for this recipe is ok. But I aspire to a lil more than that.

  12. Brian says:

    Made the smoked wings per recipe. Meat was juicy and tender!
    Lots of different flavors coming through between the marinade, smoke & added sweet baby ray sauce. For me, there was a bit too much going on, but they were a big hit at the birthday party.

    Next time I think i will skip the marinade and just do a rub. We also like crispy skin, so will finish them on the grill with sauce.

    I would encourage all to try this recipe as-is, then see if you want to make any adjustments.

    Malcom – you are the best! Thank you so much. I have made about 8 of your different recipes and all have been great tasting and easy to follow.

  13. Joe Howell says:

    I made these wings for a get together tonight. They were amazing! Everyone loved them. 275 on my Big Green Egg XL and they were done in around an hour and 45 minutes.

    Like one of the other posters I cut back the hot sauce to half a cup because I had kids eating them and I was worried they would be too hot.

    Malcom, I made your blue cheese dressing too… that stuff is amazing!

  14. Bill says:

    NEVER EVER RANCH!!!!!!!! Always Blue Cheese!!! Take this from a Buffalo, NY native.

  15. Scott Wilson says:

    This recipe is a big favorite in our house. We’ve had the wings a few times, but we made them today for Memorial Day and took the temperature up a notch with the Killer Hogs Hot BBQ Rub.
    That was great, and then we paired the wings up with the coleslaw recipe from:

    That combo was some really good eating!

    And Malcom, my family is the same way about Ranch, LOL. I’m the only one that will eat Blue Cheese.

    Thanks for this recipe, and keep up the great work!

  16. These came off the grill about 42 minutes ago. They’re all gone, my wife ate them all. While she was slaying these amazing wings she kept muttering things like “these are the best … [BITE] … wings ever”, “you have to make these… [BITE] for the next party”.

    Thanks Malcolm!

  17. Nick says:

    Malcolm – I’m new to this type of cooking, but just made the party wings as my first smoke on a Rec Tec Stampede pellet grill. The flavor was amazing, but the skin was a bit tough and rubbery. Not sure what to change next time, perhaps making sure the wings were not still wet with marinade when going on the smoker? Cooked at 275 for an hour, flipped and cooked another 45 minutes.

    Looking forward to trying more and I’ll be using your site as my guide! Great job!

  18. Kevin says:

    Deep frying my wings and then tossing them in the flavor of the day was a standard operating procedure, hoping that the oil didn’t turn them into leather… until I tried this recipe/method. Short and to the point, if you pay attention to the steps for preparation, this method is fail-proof. and adds so much depth to all the flavors that you intended instead of washing them out in oil. This method allows you to send those succulent beauties in just about any flavor direction that you want to take them. So long as you control the temp, you control the wings (and your place in smoking history among your buds…). I use the simplest of rigs, a 22″ Weber charcoal kettle and I get 8 lbs at a time smoking along. Turning 1/2 way and adding a little extra seasoning is critical to getting that even bark/color/flavor. Thank you Malcom for changing the wing-game~! Well done Sir~!

  19. Mike says:

    Hey Malcolm, love every recipe of yours I’ve tried. Looking to do this for an upcoming tailgate where I won’t have access to a smoker, just a propane tailgate grill. Any advice on making these the night before the tailgate and re-heating them on a grill the next day?

  20. Vic says:

    I am really looking forward on trying this recipe. I tried your turkey, and ribs recipes and they were a hit. But quick question, would you ever brine wings and does it have any effect on the texture and taste? I’m looking on smoking some wings a day ahead, would my wings dry out once I reheat them?

    • Malcom Reed says:

      yeah – they are good brined. But you do need to pull them out of the brine and let them air-dry on a rack in the fridge so the skin gets really dry. It helps the skin get crispy when you cook them.

  21. Ken says:

    I made these for a tailgate the night before and then used a pan on a little tailgater stove and “warmed ” them up with some vegetable oil and tossed them in a couple different sauces for”variety”. They were gone before I could do my first beer bong!!!!

  22. Nick says:

    Followed this faithfully on a Yoder smoker, the cook was amazing, wings were perfect but they were WAY too salty — what would you eliminate next time around — rub? the Soy sauce in the marinade?

    Where did I go wrong?

  23. nick says:

    Ok, in the video you do a tiny amount of soy, in the recipe on this page you call for 1/2 a cup

  24. Frank Connors says:

    I’ve read that adding some baking powder to the wings after applying a rub will help crisp the skin. What is your opinion on this?

    • Malcom Reed says:

      I’ve heard of adding cornstarch will crisp the wings when you fry. If you are smoking just make sure the wings are really dry before adding the seasoning and cook them at a higher temp to get the skin crispy

  25. Tony Mariscal says:

    Made these for SB53…
    They were a HIT! The Wings were Smokey, Meaty and Spicy! The Blue Cheese was Ridiculous and Complimented the Wings perfectly!
    I am done looking for a Wing Recipe. This is it!
    Thanks Malcolm!

  26. Mike says:

    Theses were the best wings I ever had hands down. After the smoker I put them in the deep fryer to get them super crispy about 5mins then I put the hot bbq rub on them as a dry rub. We like them spicy!!!! with the blue chz.

    The only place I could find the big wings or party wings as u called them was Sam’s club. Could just be my area.

    • KC says:

      If you have a GFS store in your area, the have the jumbo party wing bags. Usually 24…27 wings per bag. $14.99-$17.99, just depends on the sale.

  27. Jamie says:

    How can I smoke these at home and transport 2 hours away without the skin rubbery? We don’t have a grill, deep fryer or oven where we are going. Would the tinfoil wrapped with towel in a cooler work?

    • Malcom Reed says:

      I don’t know if you can transport wings for 2 hours without effecting the skin. You can just try to cook them until they are tender, wrap them in foil and let them steam until in the pan with foil. And hope the skin is really tender instead of rubbery – but it won’t be crispy.

  28. Shawn says:

    These wings ROCKED!!! I made 8 lbs & they were done in an hour. So good, couldn’t stop eathing them. Going to make 24 lbs for a coworkers housewarming party in 3 weeks.

  29. Ed says:

    Hey Malcom,

    We love these wings but I’ve not been able to find large frozen wings like those you show in the video. Would you share your go to source for these?
    Thanks so much!

  30. Tim says:

    Made these several times. Did em on a Traeger and did em at 225 for 1 1/2 hrs. I used some store bought poultry rub and have used Traeger poultry. Served em dry, let everyone load it how they wanted. Super tasty. Everyone said they were great. Just bought the Killer Hog rubs in the recipe. Can’t wait to try. Thanks for sharing Malcom!

  31. Chris says:

    Hi Malcom,

    Thanks for all the great recipes. I made these over the weekend and a huge party hit. I marinated them overnight, put them on racks to drain for awhile, then smoked on the pellet smoker at 275 degrees for about 2 hrs.. Great flavor and juicy, the only change for me was I used my own rub.

    Thanks again,

  32. Nick says:

    When taking the wings out of the marinade, how much of the marinade do I need to wipe off? I cant seem to get a crispy skin and sometimes they come out a bit charred and I’ll have these long black sickles hanging off of them. I use a traeger.

  33. Jimble Kimble says:

    The party wings were awesome. All of the recipes you do are awesome, keep it up Malcom. You da best.

  34. Ryan says:

    I’m doing a bit of a different style.

    I have Gochujang korean chili sauce and mixed that and soy sauce with the wings.
    Marinading for 3 hours and then going to smoke with some Apple and a little Hickory.
    Seasoning with only salt and pepper.

  35. Brian says:

    I just got a pellet smoker this past winter. This was the first recipe I cooked on it. Amazing. I love wings and this is my favorite home cooked wing recipe. Super easy…and delicious. I haven’t purchased any of the Killer Hogs rubs yet so I just use the closest thing I can find. These wings never last long after they come off the smoker!

  36. Dave says:

    The cook time is spot on. Another way to help get that crispy skin, the day before lightly salt the wings, place wings in a single layer on a rack and cookie sheet and place in the frig overnight. This helps dry the skin. the next day spray with a very light coating of non-stick spray which helps your rub stick. Apply rub and follow the recipe.

  37. Dustin Keim says:

    Love these but I use a Lang! ???

  38. Ron Gray says:

    Made these over Memorial Day weekend. They were a hit!

  39. Wallace says:

    Who in the world is giving your recipes sub 4.0 stars? Must be the competition, because your recipes are pure gold.

  40. Trent Comer says:

    Made these for Fourth of July and everyone was obsessed. I used my own rub since I didn’t have the rubs mentioned, but the marinade takes the wings to the nexts level.

  41. Glenn Fahs says:

    Love this recipe, smoked on a Yoder Pellet Grill. First batch was a little salty so I went very light on the AP Rub and second que was perfect. I did watch the video and picked up on flipping the wings and adding a little more rub.

  42. Jared T says:

    Been using this wing recipe for the last 3 years. Friends eat these up as soon as I bring them in the door and I’m known for making “the best wings”. Thanks for sharing all the recipes, you’re my go-to for anything I make! 10/10 highly recommend these!!!

  43. Michael McDonald says:

    My favorite wings ever! Thanks Malcolm.

  44. Jason Finch says:

    Fan favorite, great for college football Saturdays

  45. Michael G says:

    Hey Malcom, love your recipes. Plan to make these this weekend but have kids and people in the house who won’t do spicy. What do you suggest substituting the hot sauce for? Thinking I will go for a light heat BBQ sauce…

  46. Ken says:

    Made these wings several times. Now requested for super bowl Sunday tomorrow. I make the salad dressing and use apple cider vinegar.

  47. Bill Boggs says:

    What can be substituted for the 2 cups of hot sauce in the marinade? My wife doesn’t like hot sauce.

  48. Kiersten says:

    Make these often and never stray from this recipe because the wings are fire ????!! Everyone loves them, seriously so good!

  49. Gregory Harris says:

    Killer ????

  50. Robin says:

    Thank you for the recipe Malcom! I have plenty of sauce leftover – I assume it can stay good for quite a while refrigerated.

  51. Scott H says:

    Made these today. Loved them. My wings were smaller than the ones in the video, and they weren’t crisping up as much as I’d like, so I did 45 minutes at 280 on pellet smoker, flipped them + added a light layer of rub, then did 30 more minutes on the smoker (1:15 total). I then transferred them over to a hot Weber gas grill (about 550 degrees) for exactly 2.5 minutes and it crisped them up perfectly. I’ll definitely make them again

  52. Dave Strawn says:

    Third or fourth time I have cooked these wings, always great. This time I used less hot sauce, because there is a paper belly in my house.(don’t tell my wife I said that)

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