HowToBBQRight Podcast

HowToBBQRight Podcast

Welcome to the HowToBBQRight Podcast with Malcom & Rachelle Reed. Here we talk all about our weekly YouTube recipes, what we’re grilling at the house, tips and tricks for grilling and our competition BBQ contests.

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HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 27

We talk about the Competition Rib Recipe that Heath Riles cooked this week (10:42) … About the newest set of knives we are trying out (4:45) … About Malcom’s newest smoker addition “The Jambo” (36:00) …. and about Operation BBQ Relief and the work they are doing in FL (2:00)

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 26

In this episode we talk about what we’ve been cooking at home… but mostly we talk about how we film our YouTube videos – what equipment we use and how we got started.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 25

We talk Football Foods – and Malcom’s two latest recipes – the Cheesy Jalapeño Skillet Dip and his Bacon Candy Chicken Bites recipe. Plus we talk about the new Jambo Pits Stick Burner Malcom is picking up from TX next week.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 24

It’s all about the Spinalis Steak this week… and what happens to your meat when you let it rest.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 23

This week we talk about talk about over-eating at Texas de Brazil and cooking Malcom’s Sirloin Picanha recipe this week. Then we reminisce about cooking the American Royal and how to choose which temp to set your smoker at for cooking.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 22

This week we talk about cooking Reverse Sear Filet with a Grilled Salad. Then we talk about cooking the SCA Steak Cooking World Championships in Fort Worth, Tx.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 21

This week we talk about cooking Jack Daniel’s Ribs and how to cook a small catering job.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 20

It’s Fantasy Football time! This week we talk about our latest Memphis In May video and Malcom plans his Fantasy Football Draft party this weekend. Plus we go over some great “Football Food” and tailgate recipes.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 19

In episode 19, we talk with Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ about Grilled Fish Tacos, cooking SCA Steak Contests and all about KNIVES!

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 18

In episode 18, we talk about cooking Nashville Hot Chicken on the Vortex Grill – baking Blue Cheese Biscuits on the Traeger Pellet Grill and cooking classes.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 17

In episode 17, we talk about talk about the Tri Tip Recipe and the Lobster Mac & Cheese Recipe from this week. Then we talk about what to do when things go wrong when cooking.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 16

In episode 16, we talk about talk the Jerk Pork recipe from this week, where Malcom gets his inspiration and all the great things we’ve cooked this summer

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 15

In episode 15, we talk about buying a new smoker – and the things you need to consider before you make your purchase. Check out the Smoker Guide here >>

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 14

In episode 13, we talk to Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ about cooking a Texas Pork Butt and the perfect Steak.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 13

In episode 13, we talk about Barbecue Smash Burgers and how to host a big July 4th BBQ.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 12

In episode 12, we talk about cooking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake on the Smoker, and answer some of the most common BBQ questions we get asked.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 11

In episode 11, we talk about cooking a NY Strip Surf & Turf recipe, and how to get started with Competition Barbecue.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 10

In episode 10, we talk all about cooking a Whole Hog with our guest, Health Riles from Health Riles BBQ.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 9

In episode 9, we talk about cooking Char Glazed Ribs, the results of Memphis In May and how to keep your smokers and grills clean.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 8

In episode 8, we talk about Memphis In May, cooking Stuffed Venison Backstrap and The National Hardware Show.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 7

In episode 7, we talk about cooking Herb Smoked Chicken and answer some of the most common BBQ Questions like wrapping, injecting and fire management.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 6

In episode 6, we talk with SCA points leader Kendal Adair from Smoked N Spiced about smoking ribs, cooking steaks and competition BBQ.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 5

In episode 5, we talk about Grilling Hanger Steak and cooking mushrooms on the grill, their favorite BBQ Joints in Memphis, TN and cooking competition BBQ.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 4

In episode 4, we talk about cooking Salmon & Asparagus, which BBQ tools and accessories are essential and mini pot jambalaya cooking contests.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 3

In episode 3, we talk about cooking on a Santa Maria style grill, Flank Steak Tacos and why you need to cook to internal temp instead of time

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 2

In episode 2, we talk about cooking BBQ Shrimp & Grits, Tri Tip, Ribeyes and White Jalapeño Pimento Cheese.

HowToBBQRight Podcast Episode 1

In episode 1, we talk about talk about cooking Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks, the NBBQA and Competition BBQ.

About Malcom and Rachelle Reed

We started HowToBBQRight in 2007. We didn’t know what we were doing… but Malcom loved to cook BBQ and I knew just enough about designing a website to build one.

Now we sell our own line of Killer Hogs BBQ Products and create weekly recipes for our HowToBBQRight YouTube Channel and website – and now we’re doing a Podcast! To us, it’s all about cooking delicious food and taking pride in everything we cook.


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