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Everyday I get emails with BBQ questions… great questions. And I try to answer everyone. So I’m going to start posting a few to my blog here to help anyone else that might be having the same problems. Q: First thanks for the pdf with the bbq tips. They were helpful. A question if I may? My pork shoulder is in the final stages but it hasn’t moved off 180 in awhile. Without wrapping in foil is there anything I can do to get the final degrees or should I just be patient and keep cooking at 225? Any help would be greatly appreciated. A: Just keep rolling along. There’s always a stall in temp. you have to cook through it. Take it to 195 internal. Once you pass the stall it will climb quick. If you have any questions for me, just email me and ask! Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Malcom, I love your videos you post. I’m trying out my new PBK24 ceramic egg grill today and I’m doing your recipe for burnt ends. I can’t get my egg under 275 though and both vents are closed. Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. William Marcinczuk says:

    MALCOM- Wonder if you can help with this question[cant get same answer from no matter who I ask ] I make rotisserie roast beef and cook it to 120deg.[we love it rare]-Some say you are injecting pathogens into meat with rotisserie spit and must cook to 160deg[WAY to well done] Is this true about injecting pathogens? thanks for any info-

  3. Leonardo montano says:

    Can you pull a pork butt out of the smoker at the halfway mark and then re-cook later the same day


    Have you ever tried or know anything about Masterbuilt 1050 gravity fed grill?

  5. Joy Weber says:

    Hi Malcom my husband and I used your recipe for smoked chicken on our Pit Boss. We used chicken breasts. I seasoned chicken beasts as you did. Then I used the sauce (the recipe you used w vignette dressing, soy, bbq sauce, water seasoning etc) we smoked it at 250 for a few hours. Followed what you did mopping w sauce then added BBQ sauce. We got it to 165. Some of chicken was tough? Any suggestions to what we did wrong? Flavor was great. Just meat tough. I Enjoy watching and following your site. Thank you Joy

  6. Bryan says:

    Hi. I just started with a cuisinart propane vertical smoker. I’m using traeger wood pellets in the bowl and water in the surrounding pan. Should I only add a small amt of pellets?? My 1st time using I noticed the smoke stopped after 45 min and all the water was gone. Temp never got above 250. Am I doing something wrong? I added more pellets and water but the water seemed to evaporate right away!
    Tried to Smoke beef ribs for 1.5 hours then sauce and wrapped. Cooked another 45 min. They were totally overcooked. Couldn’t eat them. Any advice?

  7. Jeffrey chmura says:

    I really liked your video about trimming spare ribs into St Louis style ribs, could you possibly make a video on how to smoke the trimmings? Love you videos! Keep them coming!

  8. John Gebhardt says:

    Love all the YouTube content. Have a question about butcher paper. What is butcher paper how is it different from wax ad parchment? Is it better than aluminum foil. Think this topic my be a good out the smoke episode. Thank for reading my question.

  9. Bruce says:

    Looks like you have a lot of great stuff here however my question did not come up and meat is in the smoker now. I cooked the pork shoulder the way you said, even same weight of meat and it finished way early. Put in on at 830 pm and it was 192degrees at 440 am. Company not supposed to have breakfast till 10am. It did have the probe just falling in so I cut the heat to 165degrees and not sure what to do now so it’s not ruined or dried out. should I wrap it in foil and leave it at 165 or do something else?

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