Barbecue Live – Competition Cooking Class

For the past few weeks I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Barbecue Live. This was our inaugural BBQ class, and just like everything we do we wanted it to be quality. We put ourselves on the other side and asked, “what would we want from a BBQ class?“. Then we built the class around that… and gave 100%. It was 2 full days of ‘Que. We were able to put together a cool goody bag with some of our favorite products. We put a bottle of Killer Hogs’ sauce and rub each, a bottle of Sweet Swine O’ Mine rub and sauce each and bunch of other products. We had some BBQr’s Delight pellets, Western Wood Fire Starters, samples of Moore’s Marinade and Sauces, and some other cool BBQ stuff in an Ole Hickory Bag. So I gotta thank everyone that helped us make that goodie bag possible. We started out on Friday with a “meet and greet” so people could get acquainted and check out the venue. We treated everyone to a southern catfish dinner and had a pretty good time. But come early Saturday morning (we started the class off at 7AM) it was time to get down to business. We jumped in with a heavy dose of trimming and prepping all the meat categories. And after a lunch of Gus’s Famous Fried Chicken we went right into cooking KCBS meats and building blind boxes. And we held nothing back. Even let people take pictures of what we were doing so they could take it home and do it themselves. By that evening KCBS categories were ready to come of the grill and we gave several demonstrations on one of the most important parts of competition bbq – how to build blind boxes that win. Then we ate our fill of the que (along with the fixin’s) and put it all to bed around 10PM that night. Sunday morning we were right back at it finishing our whole hog and shoulders. Mark gave his MBN and Memphis In May presentation on what it takes to win, we garnished up our hog and shoulders and walked through what it takes to build MBN and MIM blind boxes. In total we cooked 10 butts, 3 packer briskets, 30 slabs of ribs – both St. Louis and baby backs, 30 lbs of chicken, 3 whole shoulders and a whole hog. It was 2 days of serious bbq. After BBQ nachos and sandwiches for lunch, we came back and talked all things business… How we developed our recipes, got them bottled and worked to get them distributed. I gotta thank Mr. Phil Wingo for coming down and talking to everyone. For those of you that don’t know… Phil is the man to talk to if you are interested in getting your rubs manufactured because he can answer all your questions – and his minimum order is so much less than the other guys (and I would suggest starting off with small orders to save $$). We also talked about the other ways Mark, Waylon and I make money with barbecue – and how we find sponsors to help us support this competition cooking habit we all got. It was a great class… But we couldn’t have done this all on our own, so I gotta give a big thanks to Danny Montgomery and Jeff Toney. These guys are really knowledgeable about bbq and both of them came and helped us cook everything. Couldn’t done it without you guys. And I gotta thank my wife, the luckiest girl in the world, because without her this class wouldn’t happened. She is the one who made sure everyone got coffee and breakfast both mornings, handled the lunches and dinners and she also showed everyone how to trim chicken and build blind boxes – because she is the master when it comes to those 2 things. I had a lot of people that attended tell me they learned 2 or 3 years of BBQ knowledge in just a weekend. And that is exactly what I wanted to hear. And now we are going to support all the folks that showed up. They’ve got our email address and phone numbers and regardless of what they need help with – from trimming to flavoring to building boxes to even setting up their BBQ facebook page, we’re going to help them along. To us, that’s the deal… we don’t just help you this one weekend, we help you from here on out. I’m excited to see how everyone does on the competition circuit this year. I cheering for you guys! I’ve got more pictures posted here >> Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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