Ole Hickory Smoker

Ole Hickory Pits manufactures and sells wood burning smoker ovens for use by restaurants, caterers, meat processors, food service operators, contest cookers, clubs and other commercial users.

Ole Hickory Pits use a unique patented circulation method to achieve the heat movement used in the convection ovens. The convection fan system is incorporated into the design of the unit to give a higher degree of consistency to the products you are cooking. With the circulation of both heat and smoke, the product cooks more evenly and similar cuts of meat can finish at the same time. Also, less wood is required because of the circulation of the smoke.

Ole Hickory Smokers are designed to use wood as a source for smoke to give your product it’s own distinct flavor.

Ole Hickory Pits power burner is thermostatically controlled. By using the burner fires the wood up to the desired cooking temperature, then shuts off automatically. As the temperature drops during cooking, the burner rekindles the wood periodically to maintain constant temperature.

Ole Hickory Pits Smoker has designed the units to be as easy as possible to clean. The interior is sloped to allow for the meat drippings to be drained through a 2” pipe drain and collected into the customer’s rendering tank or grease drains. Spray the interior with a de-greasing agent while the unit is warm. Then spray the racks and interior after allowing the de-greasing agent to work for the required time. A degreasing agent may not be required if you use a high-pressure washer on the interior.

What You Need To Know About Ole Hickory Pits

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