The BBQ Rub. Review

Got a new review for The BBQ Rub. Check it out … and then try the rub for yourself. Grilling With Rich’s Review:
For this week’s Barbecue Sauce and Rub Review, we are going to review “The Rub” by Killer Hogs BBQ Competition Team. We had a chance to meet Malcom the pitmaster from Killer Hogs at Memphis and May and get a sneak peak earlier this year and we have been looking forward to trying it officially for our site and also eventually use. The Rub – We had extremely high expectations and we were really looking forward to trying it. We loved the immediate sweet flavor profile that jumped right into our pallets and then you get a nice and not over powering taste of spice. The flavor profiles worked perfectly together and made the rub very enjoyable. Overall Impressions: We were not disappointed at all with the barbecue rub. One of the intangibles that we look for in a rub is the character and the passion and the thoughtfulness that is put into making the rub. When tasting the rub, we were magically transported to the pits during a top tier barbecue competition. So pick up a bottle today. if you are looking for that edge in your next barbecue competition pulled pork this is the rub for you.
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  1. Larry Michiels says:

    I’ve using Killer Hogs rubs for a long time, but I didn’t completely understand how good it was until my 10 year old daughter started putting it in her eggs. Absolutely delicious! Thank you!

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