Jack Daniel’s 2012 World Championship Invitational Barbecue

You have to walk a thin line when your trying to enjoy The Jack to the fullest… and trying to turn-in your best barbecue. I’ve wanted to cook The Jack for a while now – and while we didn’t get any calls at this contest – I still got to live the dream. There isn’t much information about The Jack online. Most of what I knew about the contest came from several friends of mine that had cooked this contest before. So at least I was prepared… We arrived on Thursday afternoon, dropped the trailer and walked around and checked out the town. Of course, I had to get a barrel head engraved with my team name.

Town Square in Lynchburg, Tn

Everyone in the town seems to love having the teams there and loves the contest too. We ate at a local spot, purchased some american-made gusset jeans (awesome jeans – have all sizes… I highly recommend checking out their website here: http://www.gussetclothing.com/) and picked us up some souvenirs.

Engraved Barrel Head

Here is a video we shot on Thursday night before we packed up and headed to the hotel. After getting a good night sleep Thursday night and a hot shower on Friday morning, it was time to get back out there. Friday was a full day. It’s the day that makes The Jack so much different than all the other contests out there. There is a parade, a dinner and live entertainment. We saw a lot of old friends on Friday and met some new teams. Hog Tide BBQ was right beside us and Toys 4 BBQ’N from AZ was across from us. Of course, I had to break-out my white suit. It’s not everyday I get to march in a parade through Lynchburg and have dinner at the distillery. Here’s a few videos we shot on Friday: I didn’t get too much video of the dinner, but it was impressive. There was plenty of good food, plenty of Jack Daniels to drink and they had several live bands. Keith Anderson was playing at the dinner Friday night, but we had to duck out early to fire up the smoker and get everything ready for our butts and brisket to go on. We didn’t get much sleep Friday night, but that’s typical. We just caught a few minutes here and there and handled business. Saturday morning was pretty busy. And at The Jack there are a few differences. For starters… you have to turn-in 7 pieces instead of 6. And you have to turn-in white meat AND dark meat for chicken. So we had to make a lot of changes to our chicken box. I have been told that the crowds get pretty thick, that there are upwards of 20,000 people. But I didn’t see near that many people. Maybe the cold weather kept them away. Turn-in wasn’t as bad as we had expected either..

turn-in path decorated with whiskey barrels

All in all, this was a great contest. I want to get back next year… and you can bet I’m going to spend this upcoming season trying! Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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