Barbecue Live – July 2013

Earlier this month we hosted the second edition of Barbecue Live. It was 2 jammed packed days of cooking Competition Barbecue and sharing our secrets with new found friends from 9 different states. We even had a gentleman from Canada join us in Memphis for this class.
This time around, just like the first, it was me, my brother Waylon and World Champion pitmaster Mark Lambert from Sweet Swine O’ Mine. Mark is fresh off a huge win at the Memphis in May and he’s got a ton of knowledge of all types of competitive BBQ cooking.
Of course, we also had a few special guest come out to give us a hand. Allen Smith and Jeff Toney from Boars Night Out fame joined us. These guys won MBN team of the year in Ribs, Shoulder, and Whole Hog last year and are well on the way to repeat this year. If you don’t think they know a little something about winning bbq contests than you’re mistaken. Just last week in Galax, VA they won Grand in the MBN contest with their Hog and Reserve Grand in the KCBS contest. If you think cooking one competition is hard try cooking a KCBS and MBN at the same time!
Also Mr. Danny Montgomery form Tuscumbia River Bottom Barbequers brought his years of experience cooking, catering, and mentoring teams. Danny has been around BBQ competitions for longer than anyone else I know and he’s been a part of several World Championship teams. He’s cooked just about every sanction of contest there is, but his focus is primarily on KCBS cooking now and Danny shared his chicken method (among other things) with everyone.
We like to make sure that all of the attendees get what they came for. We get started early Saturday morning with hands-on demonstrations of meat selection, trimming techniques, and all aspects of preparing the meat for the smokers.
We want everyone to put on a pair of gloves and jump in. I’m a firm believer in doing is the only way to learn. You can set back and watch all of the videos or read all the blogs you want, but until you put your hands on the meat….You don’t get a feel for what it takes to win at this competition game. Not only did we cover everything involved in winning KCBS contest but we also cooked a 165 Whole Compart Duroc Hog from start to finish. Cooking a whole hog is a huge task, but once you see how we do it, you’ll be able to “shock and awe” judges, friends, and really anyone who is lucky enough to try it! After all of the smoke settled, we fielded questions until the last one was answered. We follow a timeline but at Barbecue Live we stop, listen, and give you time to take detailed notes. One guy came up to me at the end and said that I had to be tired of talking because he guessed that we must have answered over a 1,000 questions. It wasn’t over after the Q & A either. Mark, Waylon, my wife Chelle, and I shared tips on Marketing, Social Media, and how we started our own bbq business. We realize that there are a lot of bbq classes out there but at Barbecue Live we want to provide more than a cooking class. Once you come you’re part of our family and that’s what I love about BBQ. We ate a lot of good food and covered every step of cooking ribs, chicken, butts, brisket and a whole hog. And we had a blast. I can’t wait to do it in January. For more information about Barbecue Live click here >> Malcom Reed Connect on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Find me on Google+ Follow me on Instagram Buy Killer Hogs Products Here

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