Spiral Smoked Ham Recipe and Barbecue Christmas

HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 2: Episode 41

Spiral Smoked Ham Recipe and Barbecue Christmas

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we quickly reminisce about our first Christmas together (0:54) and then talk about Malcom’s Raspberry Chipotle Ham Recipe (3:50) – different glazes you can use for smoked hams (8:03), why Malcom likes the spiral cut hams so much (11:14) and all Malcom’s different smoked ham recipes (13:55). Then we talk about cooking Prime Rib for Christmas (23:15) and cooking Beef Loin for Malcom’s “loin party” this weekend (26:53) and the Charcuterie Board he’s planning to serve (30:24). Then Malcom talks about how he might win his Fantasy Football season (27:10), his plan for capturing a Christmas Goose (38:18) and we go over the best Christmas Gifts for any cook (39:50).  

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We started HowToBBQRight in 2007. We didn’t know what we were doing… but Malcom loved to cook BBQ and I knew just enough about designing a website to build one. Now we sell our own line of Killer Hogs BBQ Products and create weekly recipes for our HowToBBQRight YouTube Channel and website – and now we’re doing a Podcast! To us, it’s all about cooking delicious food and taking pride in everything we cook.  

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4 responses to “Spiral Smoked Ham Recipe and Barbecue Christmas”

  1. David McCartney says:

    Last week we wanted a ham and I put it on the pit. Well I used cranberry sauce with a little chipotle pepper and some of your killer hogs I just purchased. That made a great glaze. Just wanted to share it with you. Thanks for all y’all do. Merry Christmas.

  2. Ive looked though some of the recipes on site and i would like to be notified when new ones get put on it im always wanting to learn how to cook bake bbq make new things meats anything….

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