Apple Pie Ribs Recipe, Grilled Brats and July 4th Recipes

HowToBBQRight Podcast Season 3: Episode 20

Apple Pie Ribs Recipe, Grilled Brats and July 4th Recipes

Malcom talks about Apple Pie Ribs, cooking the perfect Brat and all his July 4th

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about serving White BBQ Sauce with our July 4th Pulled Pork (2:20) and Malcom’s most American recipe ever… his Apple Pie Ribs (5:22). We talk about the importance of your rib’s appearance (8:26), Malcom’s favorite pork baste (12:08), wrapping with apple butter (13:58) and why you need to use jelly as a glaze (19:34). Then we talk about our trip to visit Code 3 BBQ Supply for their Meat American Podcast (26:23). Malcom shares his secret to the perfect Brat (31:51), we go over all his July 4th recipes (38:55) and make a plan for his new Thanksgiving recipe (41:11).  

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3 responses to “Apple Pie Ribs Recipe, Grilled Brats and July 4th Recipes”

  1. I love that recipe, Pull Pork!!!
    Now, I am thinking that White BBQ Sauce will add extra flavor to the Pull Pork recipe. Very good discussion on this matter. Thank you very much for sharing this episode here. Keep it on!!!

  2. Michael DiBartolomeo says:

    Hi Malcom and Rachelle,

    Thanks for the bratwurst “recipe”. I have wanted to try cooking sausage on my pellet grills. Also, twice I have made pulled turkey for a tailgate, using an inexpensive frozen turkey from the grocery store. Butterflied and seasoned it, then pulled and mixed with a small amount of a thin vinegar sauce and served on rolls. Feeds a lot of people.
    Really enjoy your podcasts. Thanks.

  3. Amy Brooks says:

    I used the recipe for the Apple Pie Ribs and did 7 racks for my husband’s birthday party! It was a hit!! I smoked them using 2 rib racks and used a Weber Kettle with apple wood chucks and charcoal. I did use the apple jelly but I did use all other ingredients and I didn’t have any meat left. Grilling has been a passion of mine and there are not a lot of women around me that do grill so it always is a shocker when I hit it out of the park. Your channel is awesome and you are entertaining to watch. Keep up the great work!

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