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beef bombs

Beef Bombs

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I’m loving these Football Food videos. Love thinking about them, cooking them… and especially eating them. And these Beef Bombs I did this week turned out awesome. If you’ve ever cooked an ABT – basically a jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon – then you know these dudes are good. What I […]

October 9, 2014
sausage cheese plate

Sausage and Cheese Plate

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This recipe is a staple around Memphis at any bar, tailgate or football party. If we’re having a get-together, there is going to be a sausage and cheese plate… it’s expected around here! Plus, it’s about as easy as it gets! All you need is some smoked sausage, cheese, a really great BBQ Rub and […]

October 8, 2014
smoked hot wings

Smoked Hot Wings

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Smoked Hot Wings Hot wings are essential football food… and slow-smoking them is about the best way to enjoy them. And all you need are some chicken wings (I prefer the whole wings), some BBQ Rub and a great wing sauce. First you wash your chicken wings really well under cool water and then pat […]

September 25, 2014
Bacon Wrapped Meatball Smoked

Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs AKA Moink Balls

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Moink Balls are basically meatballs wrapped in bacon – and then rubbed, grilled and glazed. They get the name by combining MOO + OINK. These little bites of delicious are perfect football food because they are easy, quick and folks love them. And this right here is my version of them… To make these Moink Balls […]

September 18, 2014
bbq nachos

BBQ Nachos

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Barbecue Nachos are something you find at every football game in the south. And barbecue nachos are perfect football food. You’ve got to have some great pulled pork to make your barbecue nachos. You can re-heat some leftover barbecue (which is what we usually do for our football parties). Or you can cook it fresh […]

September 16, 2014